Strategic Policy

Envigour specializes in strategic policy development. We have extensive experience in development of energy policy, strategies, and plans. We also can advise on how to ensure successful implementation.

Public Confidence

Development can bring uncertainty and a risk the public may lose confidence that the development will be managed to a positive outcome. Envigour believes public confidence can grow when development is done with respect, open dialogue and is knowledge based. We can help.

Economic Development

Good policy involves managing positive and sustainable economic development. Envigour will help businesses connect internationally, especially in the emerging Marine Renewable Energy and Efficiency sectors.

Envigour Bruce Cameron

Our Team

The Envigour Team will grow. We are starting in 2016 with Principal Consultant, Bruce Cameron. Bruce has more than 40 years’ experience in public policy critique, analysis and development. Close to 20 years of that experience was with the Nova Scotia Government in the Departments of Finance and Energy. Based upon significance experience in public consultation, policy and strategy development, Bruce can advise on policy options, alternatives and implementation strategies for public and private sector interests.

Bruce Cameron is the former Executive Director of Electricity, Renewables, and Efficiency with the Nova Scotia Department of Energy. He has developed policy leadership in the areas of electricity, renewable energy – particularly in the area of in-stream tidal energy – energy regulatory development – particularly in offshore oil and gas as well as marine renewables. In the development of strategic energy policies for – Nova Scotia, he also has extensive experience in stakeholder and public engagement. He has an MBA from Dalhousie University (1985) and undergraduate degree from Carleton University in the arts and social sciences (BA 1973) BJ Hon. (1974).

In February 2016, he became an Adjunct Fellow at Southampton University.
In April, 2017 QUEST announced Bruce Cameron has been selected as on of five Senior Associates.

Our Work to Date

Envigour was founded in 2016. Over the course of the following 12 month, Envigour advised clients in Canada, the UK and Singapore on energy policy issues ranging from financing of energy efficiency upgrades; design of energy efficiency agencies; carbon pricing issues in the Nova Scotia electricity sector; electricity markets for renewables in Atlantic Canada and New England.

Envigour is currently working on a project to document challenges and opportunities and policies surrounding the collection, management, sharing and  use of energy data to improve accountability and create innovative technologies.