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Strategic Policy

Envigour specializes in strategic policy development. We have extensive experience in development of  policy, strategies, and plans. We also can advise on how to ensure successful implementation. We specialize in energy policy, but can bring our experience to many fields.

Public Confidence

Development can bring uncertainty and a risk the public may lose confidence that the development will be managed to a positive outcome. Envigour believes public confidence can grow when development is done with respect, open dialogue and is knowledge based. We can help.

Economic Development

Good policy involves managing positive and sustainable economic development. Envigour will help build connections for businesses in Canada and beyond, especially in the emerging Marine Renewable Energy and Efficiency sectors.

Envigour Bruce Cameron

Our Team

Envigour started in 2016 with Principal Consultant Bruce Cameron. Bruce has more than 40 years of experience in public policy critique, analysis, and development. Close to 20 years of that experience was with the Nova Scotia Government in the Departments of Finance and Energy. Based on his significant experience in public consultation, policy, and strategy development, Bruce can advise on policy options, alternatives and implementation strategies for public and private sector interests. A brief outline of his experience and expertise may be found here. A longer outline may be found here.

Bruce Cameron is the former Executive Director of Electricity, Renewables, and Efficiency with the Nova Scotia Department of Energy. He has demonstrated policy leadership in electricity, renewable energy – particularly in the area of in-stream tidal energy – and energy regulatory development. In developing strategic energy policies for Nova Scotia, he also has extensive experience in stakeholder and public engagement. He has an MBA from Dalhousie University (1985) and an undergraduate degree from Carleton University in the arts and social sciences (BA 1973) and journalism, BJ Hon. (1974).

In February 2016, he became an Adjunct Fellow at Southampton University.

In April 2017, QUEST announced Bruce Cameron had been selected as a Senior Associate.

Throughout 2018, Bruce worked with key leaders in marine renewable energy to launch a new organization to support research and development in the sector through the Americas. A Pan-American Marine Renewable Energy Conference (PAMEC) held its inaugural conference in January 2020 in Costa Rica. The conference governing body is the PAMEC.Energy Association with Bruce as President.

In May 2020, Bruce co-founded PACE Atlantic CIC, a community interest corporation, to develop efficiency and renewable energy programs for municipalities. Envigour helped design programs for PACE Atlantic in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Ontario. Bruce was a shareholder and Vice President of PACE Atlantic until January 2022.

In addition to Bruce, Envigour works with experienced Associates in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, New England, the UK and Singapore. Envigour can be the lead in managing projects or join as a partner with others.

Our Work to Date

Envigour was founded in 2016. Over the course of the following 6  years, Envigour has advised clients in Canada, the UK and Singapore on energy policy issues ranging from financing of energy efficiency upgrades; design of energy efficiency agencies; carbon pricing issues in the Nova Scotia electricity sector; electricity markets for renewables in Atlantic Canada and New England, energy data collection and management, the implications of new technology innovation for Canada’s regulatory frameworks, clean technology exports and inward investment in Atlantic Canada, analysis of Asian renewable energy markets and USA Offshore Wind market opportunities for marine renewable energy supply chain and developers in Canada, and the characterization of the smart energy sector in Atlantic Canada including analysis of needs for export marketing. Envigour also supported a winning Power Forward Challenge Team on a plan to integrate energy efficiency with smart grid technologies, analyzed current practices and challenges in the collection, management and reporting on energy information in Canada, and supported the Marine Renewables Canada mission to the Asian Wave and Tidal Energy Conference in Taipei, Taiwan.

In 2022 Envigour is working on a Project to build an Atlantic Canada Hydrogen Strategy Framework and undertaking work on regulatory best practices for geothermal energy developments.

Envigour Proposes new Energy Efficiency Financing Model – PACE 2.0

Envigour has proposed a new approach to integrated program supports for residential efficiency and renewable energy upgrades. As noted in the 2016 Energy Efficiency Financing Best Practices Paper, an integrated approach includes program administrator support in choosing efficiency measures (heat…

Innovation and Canada’s Energy Policy and Regulatory Frameworks

The need to reduce the GHG emissions that are a major cause of climate change is driving the rise in renewable energy globally. In Canada, the rise in the production and use of renewable energy resources comes as the cost…

Canadian Energy Information Progress

The governments of Canada, the provinces and the territories are working to advance access to energy data and information created from that data. Envigour Policy Consulting is helping to advance that agenda through analysis and public advocacy. The analysis by…

Atlantic Canada Energy Data Roadmap

The Atlantic Energy Data Roadmap project looks at data associated with the use of energy and data that gives that use context and additional meaning by answering questions such as – When and where it was used? Who used it? What was the cost? And how can it be shared while protecting privacy? Answering these questions will help improve accountability and drive innovation.

Market Study for Marine Renewable Energy in Asia

The Market Study for Marine Renewable Energy in Asia examine the challenges and opportunities in a number of promising jurisdictions in Asia. It provides analysis of general renewables growth and policy opportunities; market design and support; marine renewables resource opportunities…

Financing Energy Efficiency Upgrades

To create a cleaner energy future, we must reduce the amount of energy we use. One of challenges in making the investments that reduce energy use is financing. In 2016 this subject was explored in a report that was adopted by Canada’s Energy Ministers.

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