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Atlantic Canada Energy Data Roadmap

June 2018 Update:

The Atlantic Canada Energy Data Roadmap Project is complete, with the Roadmap now publically available.

June 2017 Post:

Our world has always been driven by information. But our ability to gather information at a very detailed level and connect small bits of data with other bits of data and use sophisticated analytical tools and cloud computing to come up with a whole new base of information is unprecedented. The May 2017 issue of the Economist Magazine argues that this ability to collect and manipulate data is the modern day driver of growth and change. It also gives us unprecedented tools for standardizing measurement and delivering objective, fact-based accountability.

Each form of data collection and management has its own characteristics and opportunities. Data on Amazon purchases drive offers for new books. Data on location drives suggestions for roadside attractions. Data on driving will improve the design and operation of vehicles with no drivers at all. These are just some of the commercial opportunities emerging from the world of big data. But when it comes to energy data, there is a critical public agenda as well as the commercial one.

Envigour worked with Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow (QUEST) and funding partners ( NS Department of Energy, NB Department of Energy, EfficiencyOne and NB Power) to consult on energy data issues in Atlantic Canada and to produce a roadmap that outlines the issues and opportunities as well as tools and potential solutions to realize those opportunities.

For more on the Project, click here

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