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Canadian Energy Information Progress

The governments of Canada, the provinces and the territories are working to advance access to energy data and information created from that data. Envigour Policy Consulting is helping to advance that agenda through analysis and public advocacy.

The analysis by Envigour Policy Consulting on current practices in the collection, management and reporting of energy information in Canada helped inform the Energy Information and Data Section in the Report to the Canadian Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference entitled: Building Canada’s Energy Future Together. 

Envigour also participated with QUEST in presenting the findings of the Atlantic Canada Energy Data RoadMap to  the Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources. Our presentation was largely consistent with that of many other participants in the hearings, and the report of the Standing Committee Report on Current State and Future of National Energy Data largely reflects our views.

If I pole enter by the governments in Canada, energy information and data will become more accessible, meaningful and useful.


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