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Envigour Proposes new Energy Efficiency Financing Model – PACE 2.0

Envigour has proposed a new approach to integrated program supports for residential efficiency and renewable energy upgrades. As noted in the 2016 Energy Efficiency Financing Best Practices Paper, an integrated approach includes program administrator support in choosing efficiency measures (heat pumps/air conditioning, solar PV, EV chargers, building envelope and window/doors insulation), finding a contractor and securing low-cost financing.

The integrated program model suggests local trustworthy program administration using expert third-party delivery. In the proposed PACE 2.0 Model, the financing becomes low-cost when the local government body approves a priority lien on the property. Before approving the lien, the project must redesigned to be cash positive for the homeowner, and not to exceed a set % of the assessed property value. The Paper submitted to the Government of New Brunswick (a Province of Canada) may be found by clicking here.

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